Android Boot Animation

Im folgenden eine kurze Anleitung, wie man die Bootanimation von Androidgeräten ändern kann - aktuell leider noch in Englisch.

the desc.txt file

This file defines how the images in the folder(s) are displayed during the boot
animation, in the following format:

Width Height Frame-rate
p Loop Pause Folder1
p Loop Pause Folder2

An example of a desc.txt file is:

480 800 30
p 1 0 part0
p 0 0 part1

In the first line, 480 and 800 define the width and height of
the boot animation in pixels for this example. This must be the same as the
screen resolution of your device for the boot animation to properly play in
full screen. 30 is the frame rate in fps (frames per second)

The second and third lines have a same format, start with p, which stands for
a part of the animation and end in part0 or part1, which denotes the folder in
which the images for that part are present.

The number after ‘p’ defines how many times this part will loop (repeat
playback) before switching to the next part (if present).
Specifying 0 would make the part loop indefinitely till the phone has fully

The next number is for the pause, and is expressed in the number of frames,
which can be translated into time by dividing it by the frame rate.
A pause of 15 for example, would mean pausing for the time it takes 15 frames
to play and since the frame rate is 30 frames per second, 15 frames would take
half a second.

Translating all of this in case of the above example, the boot animation will
play at a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels, at a frame rate of 30 fps, starting
with the contents of part0 folder and after playing them in one loop, switching
to contents of part1 folder and playing them continuously till the device fully

A sample minimalist desc.txt file could look like this:

240 400 10 p 0 0 part0

The required zip file can then be assembled like this:

zip -r -0 part0 desc.txt
cp /sdcard/ /system/media/