Hacking the Casio FX-880P

[Casio FX-880P Photo]

Expand the memory to 64 KiB:

A cheap solution to expand the memory from 32 KiB to 64 KiB is shown here.
Please note that THIS VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY ! (But real hackers wouldn't care, anyway)
Information and instructions how to do this can be found on my 32 KiB memory expansion page.


This is a quite useful program: It can convert basic-tokens from memory back to BASIC source code.

Look at: Basic Token Decoder

Data transfer using the RS 232 interface:

There had been different RS232 interfaces hardware around, some for DIY (Elektor) and some to buy.
The most difficult part of a DIY interface is to obtain a plug ! Luckily, I got a ready to use interface very cheap from a friend.

I wrote a few programs to transfer data to a Linux host computer. The BASIC program running on the FX-880P is intentionally very short and simple so you can quickly hack it in the FX-880P by hand.

Software for the FX-880P

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Since I sold my Casio in September 2003, this page is not maintained any longer.

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