Linux 2.6.x Bluetooth PAN Network HOWTO


This document describes how to setup a PAN network between Linux hosts using Bluetooth.

Setup (Linux PC side)

Testing the setup

On both hosts (accesspoint and client), do this:
root@osiris:~# modprobe bnep root@osiris:~# modprobe hci-usb root@osiris:~# hcid
Then check that your Bluetooth device is found:
blip@osiris:~$ hcitool dev Devices: hci0 00:60:57:xx:xx:xx
On the accesspoint (master), do this:

Networks between Linux PCs

Network for Linux PC <--> Linux PC (doesn't work with palm !)
# on master side modprobe bnep pand --listen --master --role=NAP ifconfig bnep0 netmask use some kind of NAT for example #on slave modprobe bnep pand -c <bt_addr_of_master> ifconfig bnep0 netmask route add default gw