QR Codes

There are also online QR code generators, but maybe you don't like to send your private data (like WiFi passwords) to them. Here is how to do this on your computer.

Install QR Code generator

Under Arch Linux, you can install qrencode from the extra repository.
If you prefer some GUI software, you can use qr-code-creator from the AUR.
I have written some short instruction how to install software from the AUR.

Create QR-Code to share an URL

qrencode -m 1 -o url.png "http://www.yoursite.org/"

Create QR-Code to share WiFi access data

qrencode -m 1 -o wifi.png "WIFI:S:SSID;T:WPA;P:Password;;"

Creat QR-Code to share a phone number

qrencode -m 1 -o phone.png "tel:+49......."