WLAN under Linux

Required Hardware

Obviously, you need a wireless LAN device which is supported by Linux, and I recommend that it is supported natively.
I've got the following devices to work under Linux:

You might be able to use devices not supported natively, too, using ndiswrapper or LinuxAnt.


The different devices require different setup and of course each its own driver. Some of the drivers are in the kernel main tree now, some not, like the AT76C503A.
Here are instructions for each of the devices mentioned above:


Configure your WLAN device according to your environment with iwconfig, e.g.

iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc essid my_wlan
Do not use WEP or DHCP for the first try, if possible. Open the network device to activate the device:
ifconfig wlan0 its_ip_address


For instructions on encryption with WPA, see here

Speed and tuning tips