WDH1NC10000 disk offsets

Short reference where WD has put all stuff like bootloader, "magic" switches, Linux kernel etc. on the MBWE disk.
This information is given without warranty. Do not rely on it, check first if it is the same on your MBWE.

For older firmware (01.01.x)

startsizewhat's there?info comes from
23916u-boot environment
2551?upgrade-flag (powerdownflag at 2 bytes offset)
300?uImage (default kernel)
6000?initrd_start - seems unused ?upgrade1.sh
6512?initk_start - seems unused ?upgrade1.sh
106082stage1 backupupgrade1.sh
10610?u-boot backupupgrade1.sh
10842?initk backup ???????upgrade1.sh
1084616u-boot environment backup
10862?uImage (backup kernel)
14938?initrd_backup ??????upgrade1.sh

For newer firmware (01.02.12)

startsizewhat's there?info comes from
27416u-boot environmentsetmac.sh
2901?upgrade-flag, powerdown-flag at 2 bytes offsetupgrade1.sh, /etc/rc.poweroff
336?uImage (default kernel)upgrade1.sh
8482?initk_start - seems unused ?upgrade1.sh
16674?initrd_start - seems unused ?upgrade1.sh
321781stage1 backupupgrade1.sh
32180?u-boot backupupgrade1.sh
3241616u-boot environment backupsetmac.sh
32478?uImage (backup kernel)
offset and size units are sectors (1 sector = 512 bytes)