FAQ about my MyBook World (WDH1NC10000) stuff

Since I sold my MyBook World, I can no longer answer questions related to the MBWE that are not answered here anyway.

I forgot the admin password for my WDH1NC10000 (MBWE) - what can I do ?

You can reset the admin password to the default ("123456") using the following procedure:

I forgot the root password for my WDH1NC10000 (MBWE) - what can I do ?

There is no known official way to reset the root password to it's default value ("welc0me").
However, I developed a way to resetted it by installing a fake firmware update.

I can't install your ... package. Can you help me?

Most of my packages seems to be in use by quite a lot of people (some packages have been downloaded several thousand times), so you might get help at the MyBook WhiteLight wikidot pages (use the forum search).
Also note that most packages are meant to be used by experienced Linux users only.

How can I open or see the content of a package?

Despite it's name, .opk files are just ar archives, so "ar x file.opk" does the trick. Sometimes you might also find .ipk packages, which are either ar or tar archives (for which "tar xvf file.ipk" would unpack the content).
The archive contains another archive called data.tar.gz which contains the interesting parts...
Note: If you don't understand the part above, you maybe don't need to worry what is inside the packages.

What about ox-crypt?

The userspace tool ox-crypt exists only on the BlueRing MyBook (so I do not have it).

Your package ... doesn't work on my bluering MBWE. Can you help?

The bluering MBWE has a different libc, so packages for the whitelight will not work on it.
In the Bluering section of the wikidot pages, you might find similar packages for the Bluering MBWE.

I installed a kernel using your installer (or dd) and now the MBWE does not boot. Why?

Your serial console will give you valuable hints on what is wrong (most likely the kernel is configured in a way the MBWE does not like)

You should confirm that the installer itself works by installing my kernel test-image that is know to work. It can be found at the bottom of the kernel installer page.

There used to be package ... on your page. Where is it? Can I have it? Please?

Packages that are not mentioned on the according page are no longer available.

You also might have a look at my Synology DS213 packages. Though that NAS has a different CPU (but also ARM architecture) and a different libc-version, some of those packages seem to work for the WDH1NC10000.

How can I upgrade the firmware via console (logged in via SSH) ?

WD seems to have changed the update URL's, so my previous upgrade_fw script which downloaded and installed the latest firmware via console did not work any longer.
However I removed the automatic download part so the current version of the script unpack_fw.sh works again, but you have to download and provide the firmware file manually. Also see next question.

I might have mentioned here and there that I had been working on a newer/better firmware updater for the shell, but since I sold my WDH1NC10000 this work has been halted.

Where can I find the firmware for my WDH1NC10000 (MBWE) ?

One known location to download firmware (as of May 2013) is http://download.wdc.com/nas/wdhxnc-01.02.14.img
I am not tracking whether it still works or not.

UR contact form not work. U not answer me nevr. I NEED UR F*** EMAIL !!

Most likely, I DID get your messages but either did not understand your question and/or decided that answering would be a complete waste of time. Please stop sending messages.

Your question not answered here ?

Please also have a look at the common FAQ (not only related to the MBWE) before contacting me