Locked out of the WDH1NC10000

There are two common reasons why you may have locked out yourself from your MBWE: A forgotten root password and a misconfigured sshd.
If you also can't remember your admin password, see my FAQ for the WDH1NC10000.

Reset a forgotten root password

This can be fixed as long as:

By applying the following fake firmware "update": wdhxnc-01.02.92.img, the password is reset to "welc0me" (as in the stock WD firmware)

SSH stopped working because sshd_config is messed up

If you played around with /etc/sshd_config and then sshd stopped working, this can be fixed as long as:

The following fake firmware update replaces the broken sshd_config with the original one:

This update can NOT magically repair your sshd if it stopped working for some other reason than a broken /etc/sshd_config!

General info about these firmware "updates"

Backdoor to prevent future lockouts

To prevent future lockouts, you could give access to the serial console without the need of a password (everyone with access to the serial port would have access to the harddisk anyway).
Instructions how to modify the inittab to accieve this.