My software packages for the MBWE (WDH1NC10000)


By downloading any of the packages, you agree that you install and use it at your own risk.
If you do not trust the packages (especially the install scripts), I suggest you unpack and examine it before installing :-) Attention: Unlike optware, some of my packages do install to / instead of /opt

Package bash

This is bash-4.0 with all patches as recommended by LFS (Linux from Scratch) and configured with the following options:

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --bindir=/bin --without-bash-malloc --disable-nls

The package does NOT install bash as default shell (/bin/sh) to prevent bricks in case you later remove the package but forget to change /bin/sh back to /bin/busybox again.

Package cryptsetup

This package can be used to encrypt entire disk partitions. It contains the needed kernel modules and cryptsetup (version 1.1.0 with LUKS support). See disk encryption for detailed instructions.
Download cryptsetup_1.1.0-rc2_arm.ipk

Package iptables

This package includes the userspace iptables program and its libraries (both compiled from iptables-1.4.6). but without the capability of stateful filtering. See here for further information about iptables
Download iptables_1.4.6_arm.ipk

Package kernel-installer

The package mbwe-kernel-installer_1.0_arm.ipk contains my installer for modified kernels which tries to prevent bricks resulting from really stupid errors (like using wrong disk-offsets).
For help on how to use the installer, please see my kernel installer page. Of course it can NOT prevent a brick resulting from a kernel which does not boot because it was configured in a way the MBWE does not like!

Package kmod-ftdi

Contains the kernel module(s) to use USB-to-RS232 serial converters with the FTDI chipset.
Download kmod-ftdi_2.6.24_arm.ipk

Package kmod-iptables

Contains some kernel modules for iptables
However, if you want stateful filtering, you have to install a modified kernel. Download kmod-iptables_2.6.24_arm.ipk

Package ldd

My former shell script ldd (which needed the bash shell to work) has been replaced by a small but clever binary ldd that searches the entire $PATH if no absolute path is given. Download ldd_1.0_arm.ipk

Package modprobe

The package modprobe_3.12_arm.ipk contains modprobe compiled from module-init-tools version 3.12.

Package xfs_fsr

The tools installed on the MyBook World unfortunately come without the xfs_fsr binary which is used to defragment XFS filesystems.
This package contains xfs_fsr from xfsprogs version 3.1.0 (but not the rest of the xfsprogs-3.1.0, since I have trouble cross compiling all of it). Download xfs-fsr_3.1.0_arm.ipk