Connecting USB devices to the MyBook World

USB Mass storage devices

Mass storage devices like external harddiscs, flash sticks and card readers should work out of the box, since support for them is enabled in a stock MyBook World.
However, for support of CD-ROM or DVD drives you need to compile the appropriate kernel module(s) first.

root@wdh1nc10000:~# mknod /dev/sr0 b 11 0 root@wdh1nc10000:~# mknod /dev/sg0 c 21 0

Low Speed devices (like mice)

Due to a bug in the USB root HUB transaction translator of the EHCI controller (or somewhere else ?), low speed devices will not work when connected directly to the MyBook World.
But if you connect them with any USB 2.0 HUB (well, one with a working transaction translator ;-), the device will work!

USB Sound devices

I did not get those to work, since the usb-alsa kernel module does not load because of missing symbols related to the PCI bus.