course, 2005-09-10


library or kiosk "Spotlight"

Easy Readers (use Level 6)

False friends:

aktuelle Themen: actual topics → current topics


cause <> 'cos (abbreviation for because)

stuff <> staff (stuff → very short, staff → longer "a")

Formal / informal letters:

Never use exclamations marks (!) in formal letters.

RSVP = respondez s'il vous plait

p21 #5 verbs of movement usually take preposition to

(going to, ...)


read book p162 – p165

read p174, make exercises

p10: read text, then look up unknown words, make multiple choice on p11 by

looking back on p10, write down the line where I got my evidence

p11: #5 Group nouns + extra sheet (each word to be used once)

p16: read the letters, #2 answer questions, make #3

Workbook: – Do on your own (the answers somethings contain printing errors, if in doubt, ask Peter!)