Course 2006-03-25


thankful ≠ grateful
thankful: (I was thankful that nobody did see me – in fact, nobody did something for me)
grateful – dankbar (someone did something for me)

{despite|In spite of} his bad German, I understood him – trotz

awareness – Aufmerksamkeit

sympathy: My deepest sympathies (when someone died)

"To whom it may concern" - In Beurteilungen, wenn Leser nicht bekannt.


(1)Where is the money [that]I gave you ?
(2)Igaveyou the money.

Rule: "that" can be omitted (=left out) if it refers to the object in the 2nd sentence.

Unit 22:

  1. She put on the clothes which she had bought the day before (which = object)
  2. I wanted to see the man who owned the restaurant (who = subject)
  3. There are lots of interesting places which I'd like to visit.
  4. That's the boy who my brother plays basketball with.
  5. I'm looking forward to the programme which/that is on after the news.

Ref. p128

I wish I + {past simple} <-- refers to the present

I wish I + {past perfect} <-- refers to the past (regret)

p128 #4:

  1. I wish I had more spare time.
  2. I wish I had done all homework.
  3. I wish you wouldn't drink so much ← something out of our control takes "would, …"


b) I'd rather you didn't speak so much.