Descent cheat codes

nein, die funktionieren in Multiplayergames natürlich nicht

Descent I

GABBAGABBAHEYEnable cheats (must be typed before using any other cheat)
AHIMSATurns off enemy ships' firing
ASTRALGhost mode: go through doors, etc. (NOT walls)
BIGREDSuper Wowie Zowie Weapons (includes ALL weapons)
BRUINExtra Life
BUGGINEverything (including enemies) is speeded up
FARMERJOEWarp to all Levels
FLASHIlluminates a path to the exit
GUILECloaking Device
LUNACYRobots move fast, fire seldom
PLETCH***Robots change color when hit (*** = 3 digit number, 999 = off)
POBOYSBlows the reactor immediately
PORGYSMEGA Wowie Zowie Weapons
RACERXInvulnerability Device
SCOURGEWowie Zowie Weapons
TWILIGHTShields Recharged
[Alt-F]When typed in map mode, gives you the full map

Descent II

All Versions:
ALIFALAFELaccessoires (Afterburner, Ammo Rack, Headlights)
BITTERSWEETTurns the screen to a fisheye effect.
PIGFARMERWhen you shrink the window, "John's" head appears.
Demo Version:
CURRYGOATGet all keys
EATANGELOSAll weapons get homing ability
ERICAANNEBouncing weapons
JOSHUAAKIRAMap entire level
MOTHERLODEAll weapons/Ammo
WHAMMAZOOMWarp to other levels
Retail Version:
DELSHIFTBBlows all bots and reactor and puts you before the exit giving you almost all goodies of this level
DUDDABOObouncing weapons
FOPKJEWAtakes you to the exit and blows the mine !
FRAMETIMEShows frames per second (you don't loose your score)
FREESPACEWarp to level 1-24 (no secret levels)
GODZILLAyou can kill bots by just running into them.
GOWINGNUTGuidebot goes nuts !!
HELPVISHNUClones the Guidebot.
HONESTBOBWowie Zowie weapons
LPNLIZARDAll weapons get homing ability
1st use: Kills all robots in mine.
2nd use: Kills Boss or the guide-bot if there is no Boss.
3rd use: Kills the Guide-bot.
Retail Version 1.1 and above:
BLUEORBOne shield powerup boost
HONESTBOBnow you get ALL weapons
IMAGESPACEturns off robot firing
SILKWING"Rabid Robots": mechs start destroying each other
Retail Version 1.2:
WILDFIREMakes your weapons fast!